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I love to share what I’ve learned and blogs are such a cool way to do that. What you’ll find most here on my lifestyle blog are posts about how to be happy; which to me means Health, Wealth and Love (maybe not in that order). I’ll teach what I’ve learned in over 20 years of naturopathic health remedies and over 30 years of being an entrepreneur. My goal is to add value to your life and fight for your dreams and purpose. If what I’ve learned can be shared to help you, I’ll have lived mine. Stay connected with me here on this lifestyle blog, ask questions and leave comments. I personally respond to them all. Here’s to the BEST version of You; I’ve got your back.

June 1,2017

Time Management Tips for Working Moms

Is there never enough time in your day?  Feeling overwhelmed? Do you ever wish you could duplicate yourself? Are you a working mom who could benefit from more time in your schedule? I know, we’ve all been there. Nothing excites me more than helping you find a better way to do your life. Today I […]

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May 17,2017

Vegetarian Stuffed Bell Peppers and Roasted Potatoes

vegetarian stuffed bell peppers

Vegetarian Stuffed Bell Peppers and Roasted Potatoes Transitioning from a standard American diet (SAD) to a cleaner, less processed way of eating takes some time. The easiest way to start living a healthier lifestyle is by taking small steps. Finding and replacing one meal a day or even one meal a week with a healthier […]

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May 10,2017

Raw Vegan Tuna Salad

raw vegan tuna salad

I love to help you ignite your life, and the best way to do that is by taking care of your health and taking care of this body. Eating healthy is so important to our health. You cannot live a full, happy, exciting life fulfilling your dreams if you are not healthy. And there is […]

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May 5,2017

Benefits of Juicing Green: Why is it so Healthy for You?

benefits of juicing green

Have you ever juiced or thought about juicing? I’m not talking about apple or orange juice. Today, we’re going green. I’m going to share the benefits of juicing green plus how to juice, what to juice, my favorite recipe, and juicer. After juicing nearly 20 years, my body now craves fresh green juice.  I start […]

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May 3,2017

Get More Sleep: Why Time and Hours Matter

get more sleep

Get more sleep. Isn’t that a great topic? We all love sleep. Although I can tell you there was a time in my life when I didn’t sleep. Well, I may have slept three hours a night and I actually prided myself in that. I thought that made me so cool and a great, strong […]

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May 1,2017

Train Your Brain in 3 Easy Steps

brain train

Did you know you can train your brain? You’ve probably done a lot of physical and fitness training so why not train your brain?  I am not sure how many of us train our brain, but trust me when I tell you, you need to. It helped me survive my recent cancer diagnosis and surgery. […]

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April 27,2017

How I Self-Diagnosed My Parathyroid Issue

Parathyroid issue

Is it possible to self-diagnosis instead of always relying on a doctor to determine health issues? That’s exactly what I did several years ago when I discovered I had an issue with a body part that I didn’t even know I had. Crazy, right? I discovered I had a parathyroid issue. How in the world […]

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April 26,2017

Ways to Prevent Getting Sick at Home or While Traveling

ways to prevent getting sick

Are there ways to prevent getting sick? I travel a lot and am frequently on airplanes when invariably someone begins coughing, sneezing or is sniffling. We’ve all been there, right? What can we do to boost our immune system when we’re around sick people? We cannot always prevent breathing the air that the person around […]

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April 25,2017

How to Combat Stress Naturally

combat stress

Do you have stress in your life? Doesn’t everyone? Stress could come from demands of family life, your job, money issues, perhaps a painful breakup, or any number of other problems. Couldn’t we all use a boost of energy and a way to combat stress in our lives from time to time?  Whenever I’m feeling extra pressure, […]

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April 24,2017

Daily Supplements: The Basics

daily supplements

There are many reasons why we should supplement with daily supplements.  It’s difficult for anyone to get the adequate 40-plus required nutrients we need daily.  Most of us fail to meet the suggested dietary recommendations for many reasons, could include unhealthy food choices, restricted calorie intake, loss of appetite, and ever-changing nutritional needs. Perusing the supplement aisle can […]

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