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I love to share what I’ve learned and blogs are such a cool way to do that. What you’ll find most here on my lifestyle blog are posts about how to be happy; which to me means Health, Wealth and Love (maybe not in that order). I’ll teach what I’ve learned in over 20 years of naturopathic health remedies and over 30 years of being an entrepreneur. My goal is to add value to your life and fight for your dreams and purpose. If what I’ve learned can be shared to help you, I’ll have lived mine. Stay connected with me here on this lifestyle blog, ask questions and leave comments. I personally respond to them all. Here’s to the BEST version of You; I’ve got your back.

April 27,2017

How I Self-Diagnosed My Parathyroid Issue

Parathyroid issue

Is it possible to self-diagnosis instead of always relying on a doctor to determine health issues? That’s exactly what I did several years ago when I discovered I had an issue with a body part that I didn’t even know I had. Crazy, right? I discovered I had a parathyroid issue. How in the world […]

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April 26,2017

Ways to Prevent Getting Sick at Home or While Traveling

ways to prevent getting sick

Are there ways to prevent getting sick? I travel a lot and am frequently on airplanes when invariably someone begins coughing, sneezing or is sniffling. We’ve all been there, right? What can we do to boost our immune system when we’re around sick people? We cannot always prevent breathing the air that the person around […]

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April 25,2017

How to Combat Stress Naturally

combat stress

Do you have stress in your life, did I say if, doesn’t everyone? Stress could come form demands of family life, your job, money issues, perhaps a painful breakup, or any number of other issues. Couldn’t we all use a boost of energy and a way to combat stress in our lives from time to time?  Whenever […]

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April 24,2017

Daily Supplements: The Basics

daily supplements

There are many reasons why we should supplement with daily supplements.  It’s difficult for anyone to get the adequate 40-plus required nutrients we need daily.  Most of us fail to meet the suggested dietary recommendations for many reasons, could include unhealthy food choices, restricted calorie intake, loss of appetite, and ever-changing nutritional needs. Perusing the supplement aisle can […]

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April 21,2017

Success Tip: Forgiving Yourself

Learn how redefining failure and forgiving yourself can help ignite your life so you can accomplish anything.  Redefining failure and forgiving yourself, what does that mean? Don’t think of failure as being black and white. Look at it like it as an experiment. For instance, if you set a goal to loose 10 pounds, but instead lost 5. […]

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April 20,2017

Success Tip: Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable

get comfortable being uncomfortable

Let’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  It’s a little like laughing at resistance, but we’ll take it a little deeper. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is something you can get used to and even start to enjoy.  Just like we discussed in the last lesson, this is another muscle you can learn to grow. […]

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April 19,2017

Success Tip: Learn to Laugh at Resistance


Do you ever feel like the universe is conspiring against you?  Do you feel like you take two steps forward and five backwards?  Have you ever questioned if your goal is worth pursuing?  What you are feeling is resistance. Let’s Learn How To Laugh At Resistance We think if we are moving in the right […]

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April 18,2017

Success Tips: Practice Being Patient

Being Patient

What do we all need when we’re stuck in long lines, crowded airports, and bumper to bumper traffic?  An endless supply of patience.  Right? Learning to practice being patient is key! Learn to master today’s success tip and you’ll be on your way to achieving success in anything you want to in life.  Yes, it’s […]

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April 17,2017

Success Tips: How to Change Your Mindset

change your mindset

Over the course of this week, I’m going to share five things that you will want to master in order to have an amazing life.  What are those things?  First is learn to change your mindset and how to take charge of your conscious and subconscious mind,  second is exercise patience in everything you do, […]

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April 14,2017

Bob Harper Health Tips: Balance in Life

Bob Harper

The final post for health week aims for harmony.  Not only do we need to know our numbers, listen to our bodies and conduct thorough research before making decisions, we also need to do it in a carefully thought-out way.  Balance in life is key. Finding Love In my cancer journey, and Bob Harper’s heart […]

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