Renée Teller – Life Strategist

When life is in transition, obstacles become more challenging to overcome. Fear and anxiety can set in, and it can be difficult to find the confidence you need to overcome the stumbling blocks that are preventing you from living the fulfilled life you deserve.

Every day, people face daunting circumstances that they don’t know how to handle or where to get help. If you’re overwhelmed, looking for a career change, struggling with your health, or simply don’t know how to get where you want to be, rest assured that you are not alone.

And there’s hope.

Create a Deliberate Life

Imagine waking up every day, feeling good and ready to tackle life challenges. Your potential is immeasurable when you have the confidence, support, and resources you need to not only meet your goals, but create new ones that you never thought possible. No matter what those goals are, you have the power to not only reach them, but exceed them.

Living a fulfilling and happy life can be a reality for you. What you need is a life strategist.

With a strong background in entrepreneurship, health and wellness (I’m one of the top beachbody coaches in NY), and finances, I have the skills and resources to guide you to the realization of what is most important to you in your life, and can help you identify and eliminate the obstacles that are preventing you from attaining what you aspire to be.

Let’s Build the Best You

Each of my clients is different and has unique needs and goals. By working closely with you to pinpoint your goals and what may be preventing you from reaching them, I can develop a customized coaching plan that sets the foundation for success.

Coaching & Support

Being a life strategist, I offer a variety of coaching and support services including health and beachbody coaching, and leadership coaching, all of which can be specifically tailored to fit your individual needs.

Leadership Coaching

The principles of leadership can apply to almost any situation. We’re all leaders in one way or another, be it at work, in the classroom, or at home with our families. Learn how leadership coaching can help you live the life you want with peace and harmony.

Health Coaching

Hands down, the most common obstacles that prevent people from getting to where they want to be in life is their health. Trust me, it starts here! Getting healthy inside and out and learning how to be well is a critical component of living a fulfilled life. Through one-on-one health coaching, I can assist you in identifying your health needs and developing a plan of action using a variety of healthy living products to start you on the path to excellent nutrition and wellness. I am also one of the top beachbody coaches in NY, and you may wish to include beachbody training and products in your new lifestyle.

Career Coaching

What you do for a living doesn’t define you, but it is a significant part of who you are. Having the career you want, whether it’s working for yourself in a home-based business or landing your dream job, can give you the ultimate sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. I can help you identify your career goals and provide you with opportunities to reach them.


Get access to the best resources available, and take the guesswork out of knowing who and what to use on your journey to creating an amazing life.

Take the Next Step

There’s no limit to what you can do when you have the right support at your fingertips. With life coaching and a unique plan that is customized just for you, I can help you overcome the tough obstacles to achieve your goals, so you can live the amazing life you deserve.

Are you ready to shape your life into what you want it to be?

Learn how to be happy in your life. Contact me today.